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Bakers Dozen

by The Tisdales

Petty Things 02:39
Yr such a bore dear, 'coz yr never here Though I'm callin' for you Do I scare ya? I'm too old for ya But I'm younger than you Don't get why I keep chasin' after ya There's just somethin bout you wanna show ya everything I love I'm just waitin for you My darling For you I'm patient
Two Armies 03:03
I got two armies inside my head.. Do you wanna see me dance? Do you wanna see me love? I think I've done enough damage today.. I got two armies inside my head.
The clouds so silent as they slip around the moon Tomorrow morning I'm gonna sleep until the afternoon Again I am feeling the ghost come around stealing The last of my conscience explodes It don't hurt me no more Isn't that good? No sense in pining for the things you wanna know You'll never find the time to watch your flowers grow You're just too busy makin' money for your rent It's night-time by time you get home Isn't it good? Isn't it good? You're all grown up and have to deal with things Aren't you glad That you don't have time for anyone do you? So what's the point in trying if you can't come play? The moon is full tonight, and then it's on the wane There's only a handful of nights left this year Before we're all bundled in cloaks And it's freezing outside Isn't that good?
Faces 02:38
Until we have faces I will never see you
Like a Horse 03:38
So you say you wanna live by the ocean Well, how about a big lake? You can still be a punk, you can still be a flake All the people here think that you're crazy Well I've seen a nut or two And you really ain't that bad, in fact they're sending you back to school You don't know everything and neither do I, of course It's never gonna just come to you Gotta train it like a horse Like a horse Like a horse Gotta train it like a horse You should have listened to the old man's songs They were there for you But to write it out your own way You had a lot to go through And so you went through it ah, yes you did And here we are telling the story If you wanna be good at all man, You gotta work it til it's boring Like a horse Like a horse Gotta reign it like a horse And the same thing goes for bad habits When it's time to change the course It's never gonna be easy Gotta break it like a horse Like a horse Like a horse Gotta break it like a horse
Everything that I say I say with a sigh It's become too easy To be the bad guy well, I've been hangin' around In the shadow of somebody else But now I'm getting out Yeah, I'm getting out I wanna see you smile Yes I'm getting out I wanna see my baby smile at me I'm getting out Getting back in with you
Box of Wine 02:53
Had a real good time at the session today had a guitar picker really came to play laid everything down in just one take now we're gonna listen to it every day and it'll still be rockin' us still be rockin' us Sometimes you really gotta know how to let it go shouldn't take any thought to just let it roll shouldn't have to say anything to let us know that's how the best records just seem to flow and they still be rockin us still be rockin' us You all shoulda heard the player that I had today laid it down electric like Jimmy Page And he don't even care if he doesn't get paid the mother fucker really just wants to play and play and play and play and play And I don't care what kind of guitar you play and I don't care if your life is just some kind of waste and you're very likely just a basket case Lord knows you don't need a pretty face for you to still be rockin us still be rockin' us Come on man, play it buddy, lay it down we should start a band and take it out of town You're too good now go and spread your love around that 20 dollar guitar it has the perfect sound for you to still be rockin' us still be rockin' us...


Great rock records are a phenomenon. Oh, a lot of good records feature similar ingredients: intelligent song writing, smoking guitars, whiskey-drawl vocals, thick blooded heartbeats from the bass and drums, and good ol’ fashion sing-along choruses about getting out of town on the next ship leavin’ port. But a great rock record has all those things plus a little hard-to-define magic. And I worked at a record store long enough (too long, maybe) to know that when you’re bewitched by a great record, it’s your obligation to proclaim it. So allow me to announce The Tisdales and their debut Baker’s Dozen. A new record has found its way into the coveted rotation.

The thirteen tracks on Baker’s Dozen were recorded at the Tisdales’ home studio (a small renovated church) in Sparta, best described as a ghost town located on the Iron Range in Northern Minnesota. The songs “Faces” and “Isn’t It Good?” wind through the boarded up windows of Sparta’s vacant miner homes like REM’s Murmur did through rural Georgia. One can easily picture any last call at dive bars from Duluth to the Canadian border upon hearing and chug-a-lugging to the Neil Young-ish anthem “Like a Horse.” And “We’re the Ones” rightly justifies the satisfaction of surviving in the rock and roll underground as much as bands like X and the Replacements lived it.

Baker’s Dozen could have easily struck its bright chord in 1990, 1983, 1973, 1967… In some ways, the four flannel-clad quiet guys that make up The Tisdales might have felt more comfortable back in those great rock years when bands put their hearts and heads on the line as real tape rolled during recording sessions.

It’s almost 2009, and way too many groups record soulless, art school, flop-around tunes on whatever fancy computer download is featured in the back of TapeOp magazine. Well, damn it, here’s to The Tisdales and a timeless little piece of rock and roll magic, Baker’s Dozen.
---Mark Lindquist, Transistor Magazine Nov. 2008


released November 25, 2008

Rich Mattson: Vocals and guitars
Tony Derrick: Vocals and guitars
Jason Kokal: Bass and vocals
Derek Rolando: Drums

Recorded at Sparta Sound, 2008
Produced by Rich Mattson


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Sparta Sound Sparta, Minnesota

Hello, my name is Rich Mattson. Here are some bands that I sing, play guitar and write songs with at my studio in northern Minnesota. Enjoy!

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