Rich Mattson: the demos volume 1

by Rich Mattson



Here are the demo versions of songs recorded and released by my bands Ol' Yeller, The Tisdales, and the Glenrustles. There are three volumes in this series, basically in alphabetic order of my favorite demo versions. What happens is this: I'll have an idea for a song, and I'll go into the studio and lay it out fast as I can with guitars, drums, bass, voices, keyboard, whotnot so I can get that TUNE out of my HEAD and into my EARS somewhat realized. The process is magic. Then I'll play the demo version for the band before we go ahead and learn it and change it into our band style, and record it again, cleaner and leaner, for the world to digest. These demos are rough, but there is something in each one of them that makes me still enjoy listening to them once in awhile. Have a listen and see if you can find it---cheers-



released February 2, 2014

Rich Mattson - songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, percussion etc..



all rights reserved


Sparta Sound Sparta, Minnesota

Hello, my name is Rich Mattson. Here are some bands that I sing and play guitar and write songs with at my studio in northern Minnesota. Enjoy!

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Track Name: Afterbar
He was burnt out, he was fried out, but he was good to go with the woman
But she was havin’ too much fun with everyone else in the room
And her soul-mate slammed his tailgate, threw his amp inside and headed home
He had enough of Johnny Cocaine and his rolling eyes
Waiting impatiently waiting
For the sweet prize of the scene
But she just didn’t want to leave
And any signal he gave fell on deaf ears
And any tunes that we played he couldn’t hear
And the soul-mate in his pickup was seven miles away already over it
He’d seen her there and he knew it was her night to play
And she played him, Johnny Cardshark, it seemed a sure thing from the get-go
But now he’s on the sofa with a pair of fours
Waiting, impatiently playing
For the sweet prize of the scene
But I swear she didn’t wanna leave
He was out of his element
Didn’t feel natural
But he couldn’t leave, man this chick was special
So then hours after hours, he broke down and decided to drink
And he snuck out as we sang out “Won’t Get Fooled Again”
We all stayed up until sunrise, and by then we’re singin’ “Kumbaya”
And when the shots rang out, nobody heard a thing
Track Name: Ancient Sky
As I look into the ancient sky
Through a telescope, the planes go by
I see a shooting star in the corner of my eye
So much up there in the ancient sky

Have you ever seen a front move in,
See a clear blue day turn to rain?
The city lights turn the days to nights
And the power turns night into day

Looking up into the ancient sky
One by one those clouds get vaporized
Down here it changes but on one thing I rely
There will always be that ancient sky

Have you ever seen Saturn's rings
Or the northern lights in the winter?
In times of old they would count the stars
As many shimmering as sinners

In the ancient sky...

Now I'm looking through the ancient sky
Through a telescope, a plane goes by
I see the people with the pain in their eyes
Don't they know they're flying in the ancient sky?
Track Name: And On Anon
And On Anon

You rise, you fall, you feel some more
Day in, day out, affirmatives and doubts
They come and go
Sometimes you move so slow

What they say what we say what I say what you say
What they say what we say what I say what you say
And on anon
And on anon

I guarantee I won’t take up a lot of your time
Coz you got things to do and man, you know that I got mine
Don’t ramble on and act like you’re doing me a favor
Coz you know I got your back if you ever were in danger
And on and on
And on and on

You rise, you fall, you feel some more
Day in, day out, affirmatives and doubts
And on and on
And on and on
Track Name: Bait and Switch
Every line was a zinger, living proof that it’s the singer
Not the song, that draws you into their world
And although he really tried, his voice it was denied
Those last few notes that were screamed like bloody murder from his throat
From the smoke that fills every barroom
Every dive and every honkytonk from here to east Jebip
And his broken down guitar ain’t gonna make it through this gig
You can’t help but wonder-when’s he gonna flip?
When you’ve lived through the days, and survived the nights
Adventures, the parties, the drinking and the fights
What happens next? You can’t get nothing started
And it’s breaking your heart when you can’t follow through
Well, there’s a long line of losers ahead of you
Waiting for redemption like it’s something you can buy
And you thought it would be faster on the freeway
But it’s gridlock even though it’s eight lanes wide
I started out at county fairs and ice cream social dances
Wasn’t all that driven to be let down by romances
Had to use my imagination to get out from the curse
Of bein’ born with nothing-that I thought I could reverse
And break the expectations of the greenhorns all around me
But still I was dumbfounded by the numbers that surround me
Technological leaps, and scientific bound
Wouldn’t anybody wanna hear a nice blue sound?
But you got your guitar, and a riff in your head
You better get it down before you go to bed
Did the lyrics let you down? I’m such a whiny bitch
I guess I just pulled a classic bait and switch
Track Name: Big Mouth

You planted a seed
If you water it, it shall grow
But don’t drown that seed
Keep an eye out for the healthy glow
Now I see you’re a-gardening
Hope your garden’s not vandalized
‘Coz you’ve heard about karma
And it’s got so many disguises

One night a bat
Crept in through a crack
Commenced to flying about
In circles throughout the house
Was it trying to get out?
You tried to catch it in a cardboard box
It bit your poor little shoulder
Now you’re frothing at the mouth

Remember the time
That we ran out of gas on the freeway
We were talking so much
Didn’t notice that we were running out
So young and in love
And we promised we’d always be friends
But that didn’t work out
Well, I guess that depends
Upon who you talk to
But nobody cares enough to talk to you
The way that I used to
How could she ever forgive me?

You got such a big mouth
And such beautiful scaly skin
And I’m not talking about fishing
And I’m not talking about gardening
Track Name: Blue Marvel
Life comes pouring down like drops of rain from a thunder cloud
Floating in on sound before you know it, hey look who’s back in town
Again and again like condensation
Wetness of soul suddenly escaping
Floating on sound,
The angels sang the day that you were born
They had such high hopes for you but circumstances prevented you from getting’ through
If it’s all part of some big plan, it seems the devil is hard at work on his hand
Of the prophecies and the truth,
The fine line between is showing through
And you can’t believe your luck,
You have another chance at being blue
On this blue marvel
Big, blue marvel
Blue marvel
Big, blue marvel
Track Name: Box of Wine

I find my zen so late at night when I’m all smoked out
Those people on the tv set don’t know what they’re talking about
Haven’t seen her in 15 years, still she is a star
But she’ll never find happiness and she don’t know where you are
Or who

In my little neighborhood the fireflies burn so bright
You would never see a night like this when we were back in the Heights
Haven’t changed in 13 years, still I ain’t a star
But I’ve found some happiness and I always know where you are
And who

Got nothin’ to prove to you, it’s the last thing on my mind
Because I only do what I can do and if you look you will find
Track Name: Brass Knuckles

Your teeth should last you a lifetime
But now they’re falling out of his face
He never brushed before bedtime
And now I betcha that he’s wishing he had

Is the whole wide world going crazy
Or is it just me up in my head
You gotta shut yourself right off from it
Not your thoughts, no, the world instead

If your knives can get through this armor
Through these rusty arms and legs
It’s nice to be well beyond jaded
I’m not offended by what you said

I like a world where you walk away
And wind up safe in bed at home
And I haven’t seen a set of brass knuckles
Since I was seventeen years old

They re-invented the wheel again
This time around it’s got a million sides
And if you wanna be a part of this circle
You gotta learn how to let it ride
Let some things slide
Track Name: On a Sensual Note
On a Sensual Note

I’m trying to remember anything we’ve done
Something about the morning after I made my fatal run
You were ready for me girl, and I was ready too
But breaking hearts was something I didn’t think I could do
I could do..
I sent you a note

Now it’s been a year gone by and you’re still in my dreams
I’m guilty and tortured by a ghost, so it seems
Only I can know just how I feel deep inside
To lead you on again baby, it wouldn’t be right
Not be right...
On a sensual note

Wrote it down
It’s not your fault
Trying again
Leave it alone
On a sensual note

You did your disappearing act, and it should be known
That I still haven’t seen you since my cover got blown
All I wanna do is satisfy your every need
The only way to find you is to set my conscience free
Set it free!
I sent you a note..

Signed with x’s and o’s
I bid you goodbye
On a sensual note
Track Name: Chicken Farmer
I know a large number of people who’ve gotten back to the land
Of all the trends and silly fads, well this one I understand
Just growin’ weed for profit, building a house up in the hills
No phone and no electricity, feel their lives completely fulfilled
And I’m gonna be a chicken farmer
I’ll kill them birds myself
Eggs with every breakfast
Up in Canada, all by ourselves
It seems the only other option, in this day and in this time
Is to try and outdo your neighbors, and stand in a long, long line
And pay $200 to see the Rolling Stones
And they could care less about you, I’d just rather be alone
So I’m gonna be a chicken farmer
We’ll be jammin’ out in the barn
Living like a savage, sleeping under the stars
I just gotta get away from these windbags scumbags and freaks
And when I back out it’s for good, you won’t find me back in the ‘hood
Track Name: Desolation Underground
Desolation Underground
Desolation underground

Destination somewhere 'round here

I only needed you when I needed to cry on your shoulder

I'm so much older now

There's plenty more times when it's gonna happen too

You lose a friend that's been so true to you

There's plenty of fish, but I'm not a fisherman

Could take back time, but I'm not superman

It's time I deal with what has happened here

I feel like I'm wrong, but I'm being so sincere

Not enough lights in the street

Don't know what's really buggin' me

Playing it safe for so long

Feeling like that's where I'm wrong
I've got the mind to hear what I wanna hear

You can put me down, but I will never fear

I keep my toys inside so no one else can play with them

Maybe it's time I finally get rid of some

Don't hold me back unless you're aware of it

I wouldn't want to do something if I'm not prepared for it
Track Name: Isn't It Good?

The clouds so silent as they slip around the moon
Tomorrow morning I’m gonna sleep until the afternoon
Again I am feeling the ghost come ‘round stealing
The last of my conscience explodes
It don’t hurt me no more
Isn’t that good?

No sense in pining for the things you wanna know
You’ll never find the time to watch your flowers grow
You’re just too busy making money for your rent
It’s nightfall by time you get home
It don’t bother you though
Isn’t that good?

Isn’t that good?
You’re all grown up and know how to deal with things
Aren’t you glad
That you don’t have time for anything, do you?

So what’s the point in trying if you can’t come play?
The moon is full tonight and then it’s on the wane
There’s only a handful of nights left this year
Before we’re all bundled in cloaks
And it’s freezing outside
Isn’t that good?