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Rich Mattson: the demos volume 3

by Rich Mattson

Second Childhood Dad's car full throttle, long neck bottles And girls who'll follow, and girls you chase them Play games, so innocent Keep It all at a distance-it's your insistance That's how you can despise them You really got something But your second childhood soon will end Your second childhood is better than the first But I believe that a third would be the worst Second childhood.. A far away place, a tight cramped space A soul addicted to freedom A body so grounded A mind so lost You rock and roller-you're a high plains drifter You oughta feel good Give and take whenever you want to Get by only 'cause you got to
Secrets 03:31
Secrets I’m still learning things about girls and boys Who’d be deceived if you had a choice? And if you’re the deceiver and she’s the believer Which is the mask Which is your face? An old friend of mine Has been replaced By some crazy fool playing games with love Insisting that it’s harmless And when I see you now it’s like talking to a wall You’re lookin’ over your shoulder like someone’s coming after you Looking for spies, all them secrets and lies And all the stories that’ll never be told Ah, take off the mask And show me your face An old friend of mine Has been replaced By some crazy fool playing games with love Insisting that it’s harmless It ain’t harmless Because you’re living in the dark Nobody knows anything about you no more You don’t let anybody in no more You shut the whole gang out You the the ol’ gang out You shut the whole gang out You shut the ol’ gang out You ain’t running form the law You got no hellhounds on your trail You never been arrested and you never been to jail Just hiding from that woman, even though she can’t tell You’re just mystical enough to keep her under your spell
Solitaire 04:25
Solitaire I can’t win at solitaire it’s just not in the cards And I couldn’t spend another night in that old smoky bar the weekends used to rock and roll but now the phone don’t ring How many of my former mates are doing the same thing? I forgot to call you babe, bring me home dessert I’m gonna wait up for you anyway, I even put on a clean shirt My eyes are glossing over from watching too much tv And if I spend another week like this it’ll be the end of me What a tangled web I’m tangled in A lesser man would’ve given in a long time ago But I’ve got the thickest skin, you could call it my exoskeleton and I’m thriving on this strugglin’ It’s quite a show But it’s gotta go Under a waning moon tonight there’s lovebirds out on a date There was dinner and a movie, man the whole thing was working out great And as they kiss goodnight they catch a glimpse of a falling star They secretly wish for each other as he walks back to the carBe careful what you wish for boy, you don’t know what it’ll do You get comfortable and happy then everybody turns their back on you So be sure to cause some trouble every now and then You gotta have something tragic to entertain your friends
SONGS OF CHAOS I’m listening to the songs of chaos in my mind I’m listening to the songs of chaos in my mind Memories romanticized Miseries re-realized Payment for every lie Chaos fidelicized Singing out so righteously Changing stations instantly First I thought it was easy Take me back through history Spins itself so joyfully Voices a cacophony Why are you so near to me Please don’t interrupt me ‘cuz I’m listening to the songs of chaos in my mind I’m listening to the songs of chaos in my mind In my mind In my mind In my mind
St. Slovenly 03:37
STIHL B ROKKEN Had a real good time at the session today had a guitar picker really came to play laid everything down in just one take now we're gonna listen to it every day and it'll still be rockin' us still be rockin' us Sometimes you really gotta know how to let it go shouldn't take any thought to just let it roll shouldn't have to say anything to let us know that's how the best records just seem to flow and they still be rockin us still be rockin' us You all shoulda heard the player that I had today laid it down electric like Jimmy Page And he don't even care if he doesn't get paid the mother fucker really just wants to play and play and play and play and play And I don't care what kind of guitar you play and I don't care if your life is just some kind of waste and you're very likely just a basket case Lord knows you don't need a pretty face for you to still be rockin us still be rockin' us Come on man, play it buddy, lay it down we should start a band and take it out of town You're too good now go and spread your love around that 20 dollar guitar it has the perfect sound for you to still be rockin' us still be rockin' us...
Summer 02:53
That same moon Hangs over superior And I'm thinking of someone tonight Someone to love me tender Someone to treat me nice Someone who knows directions in this neck of the woods I'm tired of feeling lonesome and I'm tired Of feeling no good. When I held it together My arms they grew so strong But lately I've been singing A different kind of song The notes they're strewn together Like lightning on the air So clear for just an instant Then next time you look It's not there So I watched it unravel Like water down the drain My hopes and memories fall in Never to be seen again I'm building up a new route To that moon up in the sky And I'm gonna drive the steamroller just one time Before I die
Wherever I'm At Victim of soul Losing control Figuring that it'd be a good thing to lose Past what is sad Learned from what's bad Lost and forsaken in my own paradise Apple tree Don't you mess with me Got the rights to life I need some sleep Boy, do I ever The hours I keep just doing whatever Week after week Month after month Year after year, are we still having fun? I can't see Where are we? Lost my keys and my wallet Yeah I want to be there now Takes some time to prepare now It's not my time It's not my life Got this advice from a trip down south Wherever I'm at If it's worth all the crap The crap that you make us look at
You can tell the whole world about it THe way you walk, the way you paint your lips I like the way EVERYTHING is The way it all worked out rocks like a magic kiss! You can tell the whole world about it And you can hold my hand in a public place Let the people talk let the people stare Yeah I'm sure from the cheap seats it don't look fair You can tell the whole world You can tell the whole world You can tell the whole world about it!


Here are the demo versions of songs recorded and released by my bands Ol' Yeller, The Tisdales, and the Glenrustles. There are three volumes in this series, basically in alphabetic order of my favorite demo versions. What happens is this: I'll have an idea for a song, and I'll go into the studio and lay it out fast as I can with guitars, drums, bass, voices, keyboard, whotnot so I can get that TUNE out of my HEAD and into my EARS somewhat realized. The process is magic. Then I'll play the demo version for the band before we go ahead and learn it and change it into our band style, and record it again, cleaner and leaner, for the world to digest. These demos are rough, but there is something in each one of them that makes me still enjoy listening to them once in awhile. Have a listen and see if you can find it---cheers-



released February 2, 2014

Rich Mattson - songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, percussion etc..


all rights reserved



Sparta Sound Sparta, Minnesota

Hello, my name is Rich Mattson. Here are some bands that I sing, play guitar and write songs with at my studio in northern Minnesota. Enjoy!

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